The Industry Intelligence Executive Summary

A weekly, 360˚ view of the manufacturing industry, sustainability, supply chains, and consumption.

Market Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Do you know what’s happening in your industry?

Every week, the experts at Industry Intelligence pull critical information on market drivers and collate it into a single report — the Executive Summary. It provides a bird’s eye view of knowledge across industries so you can stay a step ahead of change, identify opportunities and risk before taking action, and make better decisions. 

That's the power of market intelligence.

What Is the Executive Summary?

Today, industry leaders are flooded with information. Finding the critical, relevant facts in the deluge of worthless data is wasteful and risky.

Industry Intelligence’s Executive Summary is a free supplemental report in addition to our other products and services. It looks beyond the financial statements to focus on relevancy. The result is a single, weekly service that you can use in addition to your other information resources. It’s intelligence you can quickly digest so you’re prepared and aware, not blindsided.

With the Executive Summary, you have:

Relevant Intelligence
Quality headlines that connect you to relevant intelligence.
AI-driven Summary
An AI-driven summary that breaks down what you need to know.
Market Intelligence
Vetted, qualified, and unbiased market intelligence across industries.

What Is Included in the Executive Summary?

With more than 25 years of experience providing pertinent market intelligence for business leaders, Industry Intelligence is uniquely qualified to deliver exactly the intelligence that industry professionals need.

Each report offers:

  • News from relevant industry categories and sectors.
  • Our exclusive CEO Corner focused on transformation and strategy.
  • A data section covering key leading economic indicators.
  • A North American and global AI-driven economic summary.
Don't Wait. Stay Informed.
The world and your industry are changing too fast. You need to know what’s happening, and our Executive Summary can help. It’s a critical resource for anyone who wants to stay up to date. Sign up now to receive your first report, and then you’ll receive the latest each week.