The Industry Intelligence Legislation Monitor

Stay ahead of changing regulations with a weekly report covering the latest legislative updates designed for business.

The Latest Legislative Information at Your Fingertips

This must-have weekly report provides business leaders with accurate, up-to-date information on legislative developments at the federal and state levels. Written with business in mind and free of technical jargon, users can quickly grasp essential information to make the best, most informed business decisions to stay ahead of changing regulations. With the Legislation Monitor, you have: 

  • Comprehensive insight: From bills to statutes, the monitor spans all necessary legislative actions, with bill history and sponsor tracking. 
  • Relevant summaries: An online, AI-powered dashboard breaks down the significance of each update so you can quickly scan for critical information. 
  • Industry relevance: Quickly investigate relevant and timely legislative updates using industry-specific categories. 
  • 360-degree connections: Proprietary technology connects legislative updates with related news, expert analysis, and discussions. 

Discover the Power of the Legislation Monitor

What Is the Legislation Monitor?

Legislative changes at the federal and state levels significantly impact business.

However, company leaders often don't have enough visibility into these changes. They don't know about new laws or changing regulations until it's too late. That puts their business at risk.

A single change in a rule can put your products at risk of non-compliance. That means potentially higher costs, reworks, and using new suppliers. You risk late shipments, costly litigation and regulatory penalties, canceled orders or — worst of all — customers losing confidence and switching to rival products. 

Protect your business. With the Legislation Monitor, you have:

Proactive Intelligence
Stay ahead of legislative changes. Make informed business decisions with confidence.
Relevant Summaries
Written for business, each report provides important details without legal jargon.
Market Insight
Proprietary technology connects legislative updates with relevant industry news and expert analysis.

What Is Included in the Legislation Monitor?

Designed with business in mind, not lawyers, this is a practical solution for avoiding problems like legal challenges or regulatory changes. It addresses federal and state laws in modules covering a range of industries. You'll have instant access to connected news stories and expert analysis. With the Legislation Monitor, business leaders and strategists can:

  • Pick and choose the modules they need, such as chemicals, packaging, food and beverage, forestry, and the carbon economy.
  • Leverage a next-generation legislative intelligence tool that includes a weekly email report and an AI-powered dashboard.
  • Quickly find what they need, with industry-specific categories for quick access to the latest news and relevant policy updates.
  • Get the whole story — each summary includes the original legal document, as well as insights into bill histories and sponsors, plus relevant industry news and analysis.
Don't Wait. Stay Informed.
The world and your industry are changing too fast. You need to know what’s happening, and our Legislation Monitor can help. It’s a critical resource for anyone who wants to stay ahead of regulatory and legal challenges. Then, discover the other ways that Industry Intelligence Inc. can help your business.